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Axxess has developed a suite of digital tools that harness web
technology to leverage every hour you can spend on your marketing. Not only can you do more with less, but New Age digital tools provide instant feedback and analytics that allow precise measurement

Self-Managed Websites

Self-managed websites, or Content Management System, is the current rage, and no wonder. While in the past you needed a webmaster to change a comma on a website, today you open your personal dashboard and add pages, change photos, imbed surveys, etc..

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AXXESS offers different platforms to accomodate the varying complexities of client sites. We typically set up the basic design and architecture of the site, including navigation, colors, design cues etc. We then train you to maintain your site and you are on your way. Only call on us for major or structural changes to the site.

Remember also that search engines don't like sites that have not seen any updates. Even a period can make your site look refreshed to the spiders.

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