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Axxess has developed a suite of digital tools that harness web
technology to leverage every hour you can spend on your marketing. Not only can you do more with less, but New Age digital tools provide instant feedback and analytics that allow precise measurement

E-mail Marketing

Email marketing ROI gets a lot of good press, but that won't save you from poor results if you don't know how best to use email to promote your business successfully.

Lets face it, there are tons of DIY email marketing services on the web, and they are well suited to people who have the time, and the expertise to design and deploy successful marketing campaigns. Do you?

Your brother-in-law may own a wrench, but it doesn’t mean you’ll let him fix your furnace. And, just because he subscribes to Constant Contact®, should you be entrusting your e-mail marketing to him?

With AXXESS, your e-mail marketing is in good hands. We can fill the gaps where you need advice. We can code html for you, we can select effective subject lines, and, using powerful analytics, we can test the whole process for you to identify where you lose your prospects.


We also obtain lists for you. Qualified lists that reach the people who want your products. We implement innovative e-mail address acquisition strategies so you can build your own lists. Then we keep your lists clean, we manage them, we profile them so they work harder for you.

Lets take it a step further. We can develop drip-marketing campaigns for you, or setup a series of e-mail that are event-triggered so each subsequent message is better targeted and more relevant. We can add profiling and filtering to decide who gets what message when, and we can custom design dynamic content so that each message is specifically tailored to the recipients’ interests.

Get in the act. Avoid the common mistakes and make your marketing dollars work hard for you. E-mail marketing offers powerful tools that make it in to a science. Call the experts: AXXESS